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The OVEN is a fundamental part in achieving good fusing products, for which a good part of the future success obtained depends on the choice of the machine that is going to work.

Therefore, in addressing the decision get oven that will provide the highest profitability in the manufacturing of its products at the lowest possible cost and with less investment.

•        Consistent and trouble-free operation

•        Easy handling and control of the work.

•        Minimum consumption and the best relation cost per manufactured unit.

•        A high-tech heating system.

•        Maximum repeatability of the manufacturing processes.

•        A good after-sales service.


In Vidriarte, advise you on the oven that can better adapt to the needs of your company.

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications

Gamma Ovens

These Ovens have been specially designed for FUSING, BENDING, DECORATION AND RELIEF jobs. We have paid attention to both the design and reliability needed by professionals in glass, and we have achieved the most robust and competitive oven on the market.

Structure: Constructed in brake-formed sheet steel, with removable legs to provide the ideal working height. Treated with epoxy paints.

Infrared firing: Kanthal wire resistances installed in spirals inside the quartz tubes. The tubes are located in the roof of the oven (door). This achieves perfect transmission and distribution of the heat. Placing the resistances inside the tube guarantees continual, clean work (no impurities fall onto the glass).

Insulation: Installed throughout the entire surface of the oven with very low thermal conductibility coefficient.

Door: Totally non-deformable, top-opening, it incorporates gas pistons to ease opening and closing.

Heating chamber: Constructed with high-quality ceramic fibres, distributed throughout the entire chamber of the oven.

Ventilation: It incorporates inspection hatches with covers to regulate cooling, by means of a natural draught, and also as sight-holes to check the firing.

Control panel:. It incorporates an electronic programmer for totally automatic firing. It has 1 standby (delayed start-up) and 15 programs in memory, each one having 20 segments. The closing and opening temperatures of the chimney are also selected (optional).

Temperature: This oven is designed to work at a maximum temperature of 950 ºC.

Guarantee. Two years against any manufacturing defect.

Safety systems. EC Regulations. Safety pyrometry and double contactor.

Nationally manufactured ovens. We have a maintenance and genuine spare parts service.

Other Ovens for fusing

Other Ovens for fusing

Lifting cylinders and engine

These Ovens have been designed to work continuously all the technical glass (collage, fusing, bending, embossing...).

They incorporate two tables of load and head (oven) mobile, allowing you to start a new cooking during the cooling of the charge. Pneumatic lift.

Adapted measures. Photo: Gamma-E06 (3600 x 1700 load two tables).

Maximum temperature 950 ° C. Automatic control box. Three controlled heating zones. Eight motorized chimenas of cooling.

Other Ovens for fusing

Other Ovens for fusing

Production with comfort.

Electric oven specially designed for medium production of glass works (fusing, collage, embossed, decoration, curved...).
Assembled with ceramic fibres of great quality and easy opening mechanism. Heating elements protected in quartz tubes.

According to production capacity. Maximum temperature 950 ° C.

Microprocessor automatic control box.

CE standards.