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We have wanted to relate, in the most accessible way, Transparency and Opacitiy, Solid Flosing Glass and Plaqué as well as other interesting and suggestive resources that makes this catalogue a guide which is the result of the fluid communication and the close relationship with our clients for more than 26 years.

In our catalog we have a range of more than 800 products to be able to combine their fusing works compatible with float glass.
Our products are compatible with each other and, once made compatibility testing needed, they are compatible with float glass.
Flosing Glass for Fusing, compatible with float glass.

Flosing Glass for Fusing, compatible with float glass.

Flosing Glass of 160 cm x 60 cm in 2mm of thickness.

Wide range of colors:

Flat opaque - Veteados opaque - Translucent Veteados - Veined Transparent - Prism - Classic Transparent - Basic - Plaque - Marble (97x67cm in 5mm thick) - Solid (90x60cm in 3mm thick) - Crucible - Pearl - Metal - Precious Metals (80x60cm in 2mm) and Dichroic (48cm diameter).


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Frits for fusing.

Colours in grani 0,2,3 y 4 / Eggshells and Veined Eggshells / Putty colours / Paintbrush / Mini-rods / Metallics colours / Grain Plaqué /Classic and Boreal Bubble Effect / Millefloat / Monocolour and Bicolour Tangles / Aventurine / Glass drops.

Frit is "a mixture of inorganic chemical substances obtained by rapid cooling of a cast, which is a complex mixture of materials, making chemicals thus prepared in vitreous insoluble compounds that are presented in the form of flakes or granules".

Out technicalities. For creatives from the Fusing world, a frit is the detail at its finest and the frits Flosing is a fantasy world within reach for most demanding designs.

Accesories and Complementary.

Accesories and Complementary.

Accesories and Complementary for fusing.

We have a wide range of Accessories and Complementary articles for fusing:

- Dry powder.  (rough textures)

- Shelf-Primer Flosing Plus. (maximum transparency)

- Wet Powder.  (for moulds)

- Ceramic board (120x100cm) in 10mm, 20mm, 40mm and 50 mm of thickness.

- Plastic Texture.  (for create a fine or coarse texture)

- Decals for fusing.

- Flosing Hardener.  (as binder of high temperature inorganic fibbers, refractory, ceramics and as catalysts and as nonslip.)

- Ceramic Paper of 100cm and 122cm wide,  in 3mm thickness and 15 meters long.

- Oil for putty colours and Paintbrush colours.

- Textile for fusing.  (to be used within the sandwich technique)

- Protective Crystalline Frit.

- Protective Layer.  (transparent varnish for glass and mirrors security)

- Vitreus Varnish  BV1 and BV2, to avoid devitrification.

- Glue.  (to stick any fusion piece before fusion)

- Bicomponent Glue.  (it is a cold adhesive)

- UV glue.. (using a UV Lamp)

- Stressometer for glass.   (necessary tool to control the compatibility of the glass)

- UV lamp.  (electric professional tester for float glass, essential to determine the tin-plated side of all float glass)

- Wire and Mesh for fusing.  (used in sandwich)

Small Machinery and Tools

Small Machinery and Tools

Small Machinery and Tools for Glass.

As a small machinery, we offer you : Taurus III and Revolution XT.

Manual Pantograph, for cutting irregular shapes.

Grinder Impulse Tm Touch Top.

Putty colours electronic applier.

Professional gravity feed spray gun for detailing.