Complete system

Apart from the products for fusing that we have available, we have created a new line of glass called FLOSING STAR PLAQUÉ.

The Flosing Star Plaque is a new line of glass for stained-glass window, with the peculiarity that can be used the same glass for different techniques: Tiffany + Stained Glass + Grisaille + Fusing compatible with float and Flosing Glass.

Extraordinary One Layer Colour Glass !
Featuring the ability to remove very specific areas of the coloured glass by sandblasting or acid etching the areas you would like to make clear, resulting in an enormuous amount of desing combinations and posibilities.

In addition we also have available the materials needed for the leading work as welders, lead, Putty, tools...



Multifunctional uses

The same glass for different techniques.

Plane and multicolor colours.

Sheet s of  80cm x 60 cm, in 3 mm of thickness.

Download file - 7.85 MB
Tools for stained-glass

Tools for stained-glass

Small tools

Welder, Lead cutting blade, Lead burnished, putty, Brushes, Linseed Oil, Medium Grisaille, Gum Arabic, Leaded Tin, Lead.... etc