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We do have an extense range of paints available: Cold Paints "EDF" (do NOT need kiln), low temperature paints (500ºC-600ºC) and high temperature paints (800ºC), as well as our mirror effect paint.

Opaque colours, transparent, metallic, translucent, gold and silver effect,...

We can supply any RAL colour requested.



Solvent paints for interior and exterior use

Cold Paint  (Dry to room temperature)

23 colors with their corresponding catalysts solvent.  Available in containers of 1 kg.

Transparent, Opaque and metallic colours

We provide you with any RAL colour requested

Dried to room temperature

Drying time to manufacture and install 72 hours

Product profitability: Between 7-10 m2 per litre

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Paints for Low Temperature (water-based)

Paints for Low Temperature (water-based)

They vitrify at a temperature between 500ºC - 600ºC.

17 colors to water for fusing and 2 tones with frosted effect.

Available in packages of 250 Grs., 1 kg and 5 kg.

To be used for glass decoration (lighting, wash basins, jars.... etc.).

Used to decorate maintaining transparency.

The Flux (Ref. PB50A) is used to make the tonality of the colour more transluent.

We can obtain acid matt effects (soft matt) using the Ref. PB69A and sand matt effects (intense matt) with PB70A.


Paints for High Temperature (water-based)

Paints for High Temperature (water-based)

They vitrify at a temperature between 800ºC - 830ºC.

Range of 6 different water based colours for fusing for high temperature and a vehicle type A to thin down the colours.

Available in packages of 250 Grs.,  1 kg and 5 kg.

We have as well a special white painting for making glass mosaics and tiles (Ref. P15a) which neutralizes transparency avoiding that the underlying colour modifies the tone of the glass piece.

Mirror Effect Paint

Mirror Effect Paint

Apply with spray-gun several layers without many excess.

You can apply the mirror effect paint with the spray-gun (2 or 3 layers it is normally enough) and then, apply the cold paint (EDF) on top of the mirror effect paint.

Once the paint is applied, you put everything in the kiln and dry it together with the Cold Paint. (Between 90ºC-200ºC)

Available in the following packaging:

PE450 -- 1 Liter

PE450G -- 5 Liters

PE450GP -- 25 Liters