Vidriarte was established in 1980 with the intention of reviving the art of handmade artisan glass.

In our workshop we work with engraving techniques, "cold painting", "fired enamel", grisailles, croncrete glass, tiffany, plaqué glass, aluminium glass, resins, stained glass, "craquelé", ... etc. In 1986 we began using a new fusing technique and we started to develop this technique (to produce new types of glass and kilns, ... etc). In 1987 our first results were shown in the Construmat Fair in Barcelona and in 1994 we started to manufacture our own glass. The Flosing Glass was born. Our Flosing glass is made in sheets of 1.60 x 60 cm with 2 mm thickness. However on request it can be manufactured in different thicknesses.

In addition to our classical colours we have our new range of Flosing Plaqué Glass which is the first glass with these characteristics manufactured in Float, as well as other products of different Flosing colours, fritts and other complements for fusing.

Our hope is that this Flosing Plaqué glass will help artists, artisans and mass-producers to create works and projects with even greater freedom in colour, size and thickness.