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The OVEN is a fundamental part in achieving good fusing products, for which a good part of the future success obtained depends on the choice of the machine that is going to work.

Therefore, in addressing the decision get oven that will provide the highest profitability in the manufacturing of its products at the lowest possible cost and with less investment.

•        Consistent and trouble-free operation

•        Easy handling and control of the work.

•        Minimum consumption and the best relation cost per manufactured unit.

•        A high-tech heating system.

•        Maximum repeatability of the manufacturing processes.

•        A good after-sales service.


In Vidriarte, advise you on the oven that can better adapt to the needs of your company.

Fusing Ovens

Fusing Ovens

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We offer a large experience that has passed from fathers to sons. We have retained a great knowledge from the many years working for different sectors with an excellent quality. Our products have the label of the main reference laboratories at international level.